Child Development

Sports Is Good For Social Skills But Prevent Your Child From Becoming Overconfident

Being good at a sport or a skill is always going to improve self esteem in your child. You should be very careful to protect your child from the harmful effects of ego. The fact that your child is better than others in sports and other activities may seem like a good thing in the beginning. There are always some negative points to anything, even to your wireless internet providers and favorite things.

However, this should not lead to a superiority complex for the child. If your child starts behaving in a selfish and egoistic manner, this is going to affect the social skills and create more complications. What steps should you take to ensure this problem does not arise?

For starters, try to keep things in perspective. If you make a big fuss and hype about each and every achievement of your child on the sporting field, you really cannot blame the child for doing the same. On the other hand, if you keep your eye on the larger perspective and if you celebrate good occasions but do not go over the top, it will help keep your child grounded.

It is important to point out that sporting activities are not the do all and end all of success. You should point out that just as your child is good in many aspects and things, there are many areas where he or she is not good. This does not mean you should start reciting a long list of criticisms and flaws in your child.

However, you should help him or her understand that being good in one thing does not mean that he or she gets the right to be boastful. This is going to be a slow and steady process which will yield results in the long run.