Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He got a personality within him that sets him apart to other presidents. He is the only president with a beard, and a person who loves hat, a fashion statement he was forever remembered with. He gave birth to quotes full of wisdom we recognize until today.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Inside Abraham’s head

Abraham was never a fan of status quo. He was man who has his own beliefs, a man who doesn’t conform his thinking based on external factors, and a man who knows what are the things worth fighting for. Abraham proved that you can be anything you want to be even without a degree. He practiced law despite that the didn’t have the degree. He was a man who know what we wanted. He tragically failed on his previous attempt to be a politician. He run for the Senate and lost twice but he didn’t know when to stop till he ran for president, fortunately, he won.

Abraham as a president

Abraham was the first president who felt that women has the right to vote. He was into equality and hates discrimination. He saw the status of the slaves at the time, it was difficult to do anything for them because there was such a strong culture of racism. By passing a law that can put an end to slavery, it will surely will divide a nation; however, Abraham still continued to pass it anyway. As a president, he hates inequality among his people. It may have something to do with his childhood. He was the second child, losing his parents at early stage of life is difficult.  He work odd jobs to get by, he noticed how the treatment is different if you work as contractor. No wonder why he know right away what are the black are going through. He was the kind of president that you will surely follow. He question status quo and a president who will not compromise his belief due to public demand. He knew what was the right thing to do, so despite the sacrifices, he will get it done. He was a president full of compassion, he possessed good qualities that makes him deserving to be a king of this website. Take time to meditate on his words:

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.



Martin Luther King Portrait Art

Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968)

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His dream continues to live on in our hearts

August 28, 1963, I have a dream

It was fair day in August 28, 1963 when he stood on a stage in Lincoln Memorial. He delivered his speech called “I have a dream”, people can’t help it to realize that they were living a life of cruelty. This world recognizes no race above the other, there is no special treatment regardless you are a black or a white. His speech captivated people to end the racism that has governing them for a long period of time. What captivated him to stood in the stage that day is the observation that the black was not free despite the of the efforts in stopping inequality that has been hunting them for too long. The Emancipation Proclamation succeeded when it comes to raising awareness that the black people who are slaves are not a property, they are humans entitled to have enriching lives, ┬áthus they have to be set free. But it was never enough to break the strongholds of racism and unfair treatment of the Negro.

Symbolic name change

His name is Michael Luther King Jr. which he changed later on to Martin. The reason for changing the name was due to religious reasons. His father, King Sr. was once in a trip where he met a German protestant reformer. The connection was strong, and since the changing of names in religion symbolizes a new beginning, King Sr. went home and changed their names to Martin. And his father was right, the name Marthin Luther King made it to the history.


His journey

Martin was born and raised in a religious culture. He was man who knows discipline as his father continually whipped him till he reached 15. At a young age, he had love for singing and became part of a church choir. On his father’s passing, he took the place of becoming the pastor, a position where he learned how to speak.

His dismay against the unfair treatment of Negro in the community started when he was a boy. He had white friends, they were close and play everyday. But being a Negro, his friends’ parents didn’t approved him and restricted their sons from playing with him. There was such a great division between white and the black. They can’t share the same school and as much as possible don’t get near each other or else, there will be confrontations and unpleasant remarks.

Despite his challenges as Negro, it didn’t stop him to achieve excellence in school. He graduated college at the age of 19, and pursued higher education. He met Correta Scott his wife and had 4 children. Martin is a family man yet the passion to end racism is strong and he kept fighting it and caused him to be arrested 30 times within his lifetime. In April 4, 1968, he was assassinated by James Earl Ray. He was brought to the hospital however he is already dead upon arrival. The doctors said that Martin must have a great love for what he do because at the age of 39, his heart was already a heart of a 60 year old.