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This page is created to showcase amazing people who changed the world by their great works. They deserve to earn the title of a king because the qualities they have shown through the story of their lives should be the qualities we need to look for in choosing our leader. Our leader represents his nation and we need good ambassadors to show our hearts to the world. We believe that by knowing what we really need in a leader helps us make a good decision in choosing people who we should give power to. Having the power to choose is a precious gift that we cannot take for granted. So practice this choice by participating on elections. If this is the first time you will vote to exercise your right, you may visit www.usa.gov on how to vote.

Looking at the lives of the people we featured in this page, you will notice that they have a common denominator, they are not perfect. They have flaws too like us. They possess weaknesses just like every humans yet they defied this weakness through their willpower and good intentions. They are all unique and every stories has its own precious moral lessons to teach us and help us see ahead. There is a saying “you are smart if you know how to learn from your mistakes, you are wise if you learn through the mistakes of others.” We choose not only to be smart but also to be wise while possessing wisdom as we learn through life. To find out on what your weaknesses are click www.123test.com. You will get better understanding of your self and you will know what areas you need improvement.

Start your day like a king. Learn how to start your day in winners way, browse our favorite articles about this.

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