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Kingisours is all about the personalities who made impact to the world. We feature amazing people who deserve to be recognized due to the contribution they gave to the betterment of the future. Our goal is to make known to the world the works of these wonderful personalities, to set example for the future generation and for us who has the chance to do the same.

Our world needs more of these stories to give inspiration and encourage our people to be better citizens. No matter what race you are, what upbringing you had, you always have a choice to mold yourself to become great in your own ways. As you read through the lives of the people we feature in this website, we hope that you can also make a decision for yourself to live a life filled with joy, sharing your blessings to others and help them to live a wonderful life, just like the others who went before us. They created history according to their values and upholding integrity, love, a hope that this world will become a better place for everyone to live in.

This website is not only for those whose names are already recognized but also for those who are doing great works in shadows, unappreciated and loved. They may not ask for it but they are worth mentioning because they deserve merits for what they do. Great personalities stories start with words that are unknown to all of us, but as time goes by, the lives they changed will make known these words about them. And we are so privilege to gaze into their lives, get access to their minds, read about how they done it and by doing so, a spark of hope will emerge in our hearts that empowers us to lead our lives like they way they did.

We used online resources in some of the contents of this website. We would like to acknowledge them and if you want to acknowledge them too, just click the links provided below and browse these amazing websites.

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